#SoCS – Abide

I can’t bear to abide by the rules of love. Why is it, for instance, insisted that love go both ways? Or that we must have met in the flesh? I can love you simply because I know you. I’ve heard your songs and I know you wrote them for me. They speak to my heart. They bare your soul to me, just as though you were here, on your knees, singing to me.

Why should I suppress my everlasting love for you? I shall lay down my life for you, if you ask.

You hear me, don’t you?


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Fandom Form Letter (tongue-in-cheek)

Dear Mr. [insert name]

Let me start off by saying I’m your biggest fan. The first time I saw you it was like WHOA I’ve got to hear and see everything you’ve ever done because OMG you’re so beautiful!! So I went on Youtube and I must’ve spent like hours that first day watching. Your [insert name] is the absolute best ever!!!!

It’s been about [insert time period] since then and I feel like I know you. We’re like soulmates. I feel like I knew you in a past life or something and whenever I watch an interview with you I’m nodding my head. It’s almost as if I know what you’re going to say next!!! Your words are like heaven to me and we’re so alike it’s just amazing. I know that when we meet you’re going to feel it too.

I’ll be seeing you on [insert date] and I hope you’ll find me in the crowd. We’re meant to be together forever. I know it. It’s like fate or something.

Until then.

I love you forever.


P.S. I’m getting a tattoo with your picture next week! I hope you’ll sign it for me and then I’ll get your signature tattooed too!!! 😀

badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

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