JusJoJan 2 – All In a Night’s Work

Here at the Juicy Juice Factory, we provide the best of the best. Our products are full of vitamins and more vitamins. In fact, if you drink just two glasses of our “Extra C” you’ll see a noticeable improvement!

Just tonight, in fact, my good friend Jason was complaining of a throbbing eye. I suggested he try some of our “Chock Full of Minerals.” Jason said no. He prefers wine. What Jason doesn’t know is that I spiked his wine with a dash of “Banish Those Donkey Nuts,” so tomorrow he’s sure to have a better day.

Let’s see how he makes out! Stay tuned to HarsH ReaLiTy and join me in wishing Jason no more of the same balls of fun he had today!

Post number 2 of Just Jot it January. Go to my main blog and join in! http://lindaghill.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/jusjojan-1-the-rules-are-easy/