I love you

I should have said, I love you in the purest of ways. That I cared deeply for you; that I expected nothing from you than what you were willing to give freely.

Your friendship.

But as I lay in your arms, the glow of our lovemaking surrounding us like an aura of blush and holy water beneath the sheets, my transgressive whisper caused a hitch in your breath and I knew I had uttered our sentence. Simple as it was and true as I felt it echo from you as well, I should have explained.

I want you to know that that morning has never left me. From your 2am call, I want you now, until we spoke and laughed on the phone after you returned home – every second, every hour in between, has burned in my mind.

Young Angel.

I will never leave you. You know I am with you even now. What we share is eternal. As pure as the I love you I meant to say.

Canopies and Scars

It’s sunny outside but in here it’s raining. The thunder crashes against my canopy, reverberating waves of sound and slashes thick with the hate of ages and sage advocacies of children fallen on deaf ears. For I can’t save everyone. And for each there is a scar.