#SoCS – An Underestimation

“Uh, Sir, I think you underestimate me.”

“Do you really think so, Johnson? I mean, look at your record. Just last week you picked up three dead raccoons, twenty squirrels, and four crows. Your contemporaries doubled that!”

“But you forget that they are in the city. You have me out doing the rural routes.”

“Where there should be more roadkill!”


“But what, Johnson?”

“But what about the moose?”

“There was a moose?”

“Yeah. Just last week. Didn’t Davis tell you?”

“It’s the first I’ve heard. Did you pick it up all by yourself?”

“Yes, Sir. I did.”

“What did you do with it?”

“It’s been your lunch, Sir, for the last three days.”


This post is part of both The Daily Post and Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Click the links to find the prompts!

10 thoughts on “#SoCS – An Underestimation

  1. We have a lot of roadkill chefs around here. On Dartmoor, there’s a bloke with a freezer full of badger, pheasant, rabbit, deer and goodness knows what other sorts of meat, with which he makes some pretty extraordinary dishes.

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