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They say no man is an island, yet here I stand, surrounded by the flood that has taken over my basement. My sump pump stopped working three days ago, and all the stuff my wife said we needed to keep has disappeared under the skunky water that’s now up to my waist. Oh wait! Is that a toaster I see floating over in the corner? If it is, it’s toast now. It ain’t no island like I am.

Yeah, my wife – sitting upstairs at the kitchen table, sobbing over all the junk she’s lost. I should never have encouraged her to go to all those garage sales in the first place. We’ll start fresh now though. No more bargains, no more…

“Yes, honey? No, I haven’t found the Royal Albert china yet!”

I’m sure it’ll be fine.


The Daily Post today is Island. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Island (Humorous Fiction) – Daily Post

  1. Oh goodness, this character has his work cut out for him……when I was marriage my wife had two sets of Royal Doulton china which in our house were up there with the crown jewels….

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