Breezing Through – strange poetry

A human infant, if left outside (safely) in a high wind may lose its breath, but it will likely survive into adulthood,
a chick, high in a nest may get blown away and never seen again,
a bee caught unawares in a sudden gust may end up in another garden,
but a fart captured by even the slightest breeze is sure to die.

Have pity for the fart. For it is a rare and short-lived species.

10 thoughts on “Breezing Through – strange poetry

  1. Mom used to have an expression: “That went over like a fart in a windstorm.” I think she learned it from Dad… no, I’m sure she did…

    I heard one years ago: hanging around like a fart in a phone booth. I don’t use it anymore; no one knows what a phone booth is.

  2. An overnight trip to the beach for us is a lifetime for a mayfly. But to your original thought, help the poor farts have longer lives by carrying a lidded mason jar with you and capturing them.

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