Captain’s Log – 12.07.16

O5:00 Awoke.
05:15 Found Midshipman Fluffy drinking milk in officer’s mess. I let it slide. Have yet to come up with a new title for Midshipman Fluffy.
05:30 At controls.
12:00 Broke for lunch. Left Midshipman Fluffy at controls. There seems to be a storm brewing.
12:25 Returned early to controls. Storm is gathering strength.
12:56 I’m not sure I can contain the ship. Midshipman Fluffy and I are both at the controls. I can tell my first mate is nervous.
13:06 Power out! Alert! Power is out!
13:45 The worst of the storm seems to be over. Peeled Midshipman Fluffy out from under the desk. Kittens sleeping soundly by my feet.
18:00 Broke for supper. Midshipman Fluffy seems to have recovered.
18:45 Returned to controls. Midshipman Fluffy has turned in with kittens for the evening.
22:00 Hitting berth. I will keep an eye over kittens while Midshipman Fluffy takes the helm for the night. Will make Midshipman Fluffy’s new rank a priority in the coming days.

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