Painting is Hard Work

It was late December and all the elves were busy painting eggs when Santa came stomping into the factory.

“Shut down the production lines!” Santa bellowed from the middle of the floor.

“What for?” asked the grumpy foreman elf.

“The Easter Bunnies have overestimated their order again. We won’t be needing them.”

A groan went out somewhere in the back corner and from the front line, an Easter egg came rocketing through the air and hit Santa smack dab in the forehead.

Thus began the great Easter egg food fight of the century. When it was over and the last of the elves were leaving the factory after sweeping up the mess, someone commented that it was lucky the eggs were hollow, though it would have been more satisfying if they weren’t.

And that’s how Creme Eggs were invented.


Paint is the prompt word of the day at The Daily Post.

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