“Billy, you can’t give a mystical answer to a math question.”

“But Mr. Johnson, what if the center point of the circumference of ‘A’ did intersect with the center of the universe?”

“Then, Billy, we’d all be obliterated.”



Author’s note: My proficiency in Grade 11 math eludes me. But my grammar is up to par…

3 thoughts on “Math

  1. Johnny came home from school with a Maths award from his teacher.
    His mum was so excited and asked Johnny what he got his award for.
    Johnny said the teacher asked for the answer to 5 x 6.
    His mum asked what answer he gave.
    “33,” he proudly announced.
    “But that is wrong,” his mum pointed out.
    ‘Yes,” said Johnny, “but I was the closest.”

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