as sure as the stars
glitter in the night
i know you’re out there
searching for me
as i search for you
on every street
in every crowd
the one i’ll know
just know
is meant for me
for in the dark
each night i lay
and hear your voice
whispering love
elusive as
an echo

This post is prompted by Tuesday Use It In A Sentence, where the word of the week is Echo, and The Daily Post word of the day,


Music as timeless as the earth
A breath taken and released as a single drop of sunlight
Absorbed by my soul is my gift from you.

What shall I promise you now?
That a new forever will we live
In each other’s hearts?

You dress yourself now as an angel
But I know you as a man
Who shits and creates love like the whisper of a baby’s sigh.

Are we the product of our own past creations?
The children of our children’s children?
Or are we the result of a vow, a pact, a fiery ember, crushed and smoldered in a watery grave?

I shall offer you a word
A syllable of dust and of hope
A chalice of ashes and a flask of life.

I shall offer you
May you treat me with care this time around.

L.G. Hill
July 1, 2005