#TuesdayUseItInASentence – Loom, A Haiku

looming overhead
the flock a-wing for hunting
feast for young tonight


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“There are no original stories under the sun,” said the alien, as she sat upon a sea-sprayed rock.

“That’s a rather narrow view,” said the sea serpent.

The alien shrugged. “It’s true.”

“Well then,” said the sea serpent, “why don’t you go talk to the accountant in my belly?” And the sea serpent ate the alien.

“Hello,” said the alien, once adequately digested. “You must be the accountant.”

“What was your first clue?” asked the man, looking up from his adding machine.

“I assumed you were the only one in here.”

“I probably am,” said the accountant as he went back to his work.

“The sea serpent and I were discussing stories, and how there is nothing new. Do you agree?”

“No. I think there is everything new, just as there are always new calculations to be made.”

“Would you two shut up already?” came the booming voice of the sea serpent.

“But you told me to discuss it with my new friend here, Mr…”

“Mr. Blankenship,” replied the accountant.

“How unoriginal,” said the alien.

The accountant only smiled.

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as sure as the stars
glitter in the night
i know you’re out there
searching for me
as i search for you
on every street
in every crowd
the one i’ll know
just know
is meant for me
for in the dark
each night i lay
and hear your voice
whispering love
elusive as
an echo

This post is prompted by Tuesday Use It In A Sentence, where the word of the week is Echo, and The Daily Post word of the day,

Dry Landing

I knew there was something wrong when I arrived at my fiancee’s house and saw the feast laid out on the table. The rows of gleaming cars might have tipped me off, but I’d been so happy to get back home after two long years at sea that I didn’t notice. I’d wanted to surprise her. I was the one who ended up with the shock.

She was marrying another man. I deserted the navy for nothing.

This post is a combination of The Daily Post prompt, which today is Feast, and the Tuesday Use It In A Sentence prompt by the lovely Stephanie, whose word of the week is Desert.

Happy Acres, 50 years later

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Hannah read the sticker pasted over the Happy Acres sign at the end of the long, dusty driveway. She knew she’d been here before, but she didn’t remember why.

“Dad said there were hookers here,” said her husband, Jessie.

“Well, they’d better be male strippers, ‘coz if they’re female, you’re not gonna last long.”

“Pfft,” Jessie scoffed. They got back in the car and headed up the lane way to check themselves in.


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Tuesday Use It In A Sentence – Trebuchet

I remember it like it was yesterday. I came home from school and my big brother, Wade, was building something on the front lawn. When I asked him what it was, he said:

“It’s a trebuchet. We’ve been learning about them in history class.”

I couldn’t wait to get into Grade Six. “What does it do?” I asked, awestruck.

“It throws stuff. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go.”

“Okay,” I said, and I went in to get myself a snack. Mom wasn’t home – if she had been the whole thing probably could have been avoided.

When I went outside half an hour later, Wade was on the roof, dropping rocks into a bucket that was hanging on the same level as the gutter. That thing was HUGE, I tell you.

“Are you almost done?” I asked.

“Three more rocks and she’s ready to roll.”

I waited until he was back on the ground, and I asked him: “What are you going to throw with it?”

“I forgot to give Petey back his tennis ball. I’m gonna pitch it to his house.”

“But he lives a whole mile away!”

“Yep!” Wade gave me a real shit-kickin’ smile then, and I knew things weren’t going to go so good.

“Stand back and watch,” he said.

And I did. I stood way back. When he let that thing go it was a good thing no one was inside too. He damned near cut the house in two. But Petey got his ball all right. Went right through his bedroom window.

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Penmanship – #tuesdayuseitinasentence – a 50 word story

Maybe it’s my lack of penmanship that lost me the girl. Yeah, it was a one night stand, but I really liked her. All I wrote was, “Best of luck ever! Don’t forget shut, lock door on your way out!” And now she’s accusing me of calling her a slut.


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Oasis – a 50 word story

Walking down the sidewalk with my shopping bags in hand, you’d think I have everything I need. But then there’s you. On the other side of the busy street, chatting with your friends and seemingly having fun. But I know you’re not. You can’t be. Because I’m way over here.

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