Rock and Roll

Sitting by the fire, you work your fingers to the bone, but your mind is ages away. In your head you hear music; it sounds so foreign as to make you believe you could be insane. But it doesn’t stop. In your mind you compose symphonies in crashes and whines like the screams of frightened livestock. You want to tell me of these auditory ‘visions’ but there is no way to explain them. Instead you hum as you work, wishing there was at least some way to record what you compose.

Perhaps in another lifetime…


Music as timeless as the earth
A breath taken and released as a single drop of sunlight
Absorbed by my soul is my gift from you.

What shall I promise you now?
That a new forever will we live
In each other’s hearts?

You dress yourself now as an angel
But I know you as a man
Who shits and creates love like the whisper of a baby’s sigh.

Are we the product of our own past creations?
The children of our children’s children?
Or are we the result of a vow, a pact, a fiery ember, crushed and smoldered in a watery grave?

I shall offer you a word
A syllable of dust and of hope
A chalice of ashes and a flask of life.

I shall offer you
May you treat me with care this time around.

L.G. Hill
July 1, 2005