#SoCS – Isn’t

Mustn’t you leave,
Just get out
to arrive somewhere else
a place where you’re wanted

The rattling cages
must be driving you mad
and the animals speak now
they whisper, escape

I’m the voice in your head, dear
Don’t try to resist
for the more you agree
The sooner you’ll return

And you’d like that
Wouldn’t you?
Mais oui

zzz Me? It wasn’t


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JusJoJan the 19th – Climate, a 50-word story

I need to move to a warmer climate. Here, the polar bears sit on me and the penguins poop on me and I’m just miserable, you know? It’s not easy being frozen inside an iceberg. Maybe if I bob out of the water and stare at a passing cruise ship…

JJJ 2016

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The Note, Part 7

It knows what I’m thinking.

I called my friend Josh and asked him to meet for coffee. I was going to tell him about the notes. Sure, I had no proof. I didn’t get to keep any of them. It’s enough to make me think I’m crazy, but Josh and I go way back. I really think he’d believe what I’m seeing.

But then I got another note, just before I was about to walk out the door.


What’s really fucked up about this? I still have the note. It didn’t disappear, even when I let go of it in my pocket.

Will this thing hurt me if I tell Josh? I have PROOF now.

What do I do?

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The Note, Part 6

I thought for sure something weird would happen yesterday. It was Halloween for fuck sakes. I walked around all day, looking over my shoulder, expecting to see a note pop up.

Nothing. No-friggin-thing. Even today. Nothing.

So I sat down with a beer to watch tv tonight, to catch a rerun of CSI. I just took a sip and turned to look where I was putting the bottle and when I looked back, there’s the note, stuck to the tv screen.


I got up to grab the note but then this (holy shit) feeling. It was like something was pushing on the side of my face.

I went in the other direction, towards the window. I… I looked down from my apartment window just in time to see a cab t-bone a Mercedes, right in the middle of the fucking road.  

I’ve got to talk to somebody about this shit. I just have to think of who wouldn’t think I’m on drugs.

As usual, the note is gone.


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