Truthful – #AtoZ Challenge

“You know what I admire about you?”


“First, gimme another dringk.”


“Now, whadda you admire about me?”

“You really tell it like it is, you know?”

“Mmmhmm. I do.”

“Like, just tonight. Your wife aksed you if she looked fat in her dress. Am… am I right?”

“You are corr…rect.”

“An’ you told her, ‘Yes. Yes you do look fat in that dress.'”

“Tha’s what I said.”

“So… why are you here in my basement helping me with this bottle of scotch?”

“‘Coz I’m honest! Hey, you got a couch I can sleep on?”

Author’s Notes:

1. Such a tough choice, isn’t it? To be honest or not? I’m thinking one day I might answer the question with fiction. In the meantime I just sit around writing in my slimming dress…

2. I have no plans to write Adult Content fiction pieces for this challenge, but it happens, and it’s sometimes beyond my control if I’m to remain authentic to my muse. I will place a warning in the title of those posts which fall under the AC category.

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