Happy Acres, 50 years later

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Hannah read the sticker pasted over the Happy Acres sign at the end of the long, dusty driveway. She knew she’d been here before, but she didn’t remember why.

“Dad said there were hookers here,” said her husband, Jessie.

“Well, they’d better be male strippers, ‘coz if they’re female, you’re not gonna last long.”

“Pfft,” Jessie scoffed. They got back in the car and headed up the lane way to check themselves in.


Tuesday Use It In A Sentence is fun! This week’s word is “abandon.” Try it out! The link to join in is here.

One thought on “Happy Acres, 50 years later

  1. Ok so as I’m left to wonder what will happen to jane’s character I’m finding myself trying to figure out why yours would have come here before. So many stories possible with such one little word or one little phrase. Thank you for your words 😀

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