Captain’s Log – 05.07.16

O5:00 Awoke.
05:30 At controls.
08:30 Appointment with Admiral Papas. Forced to abandon ship temporarily. Left Midshipman Fluffy in charge.
13:00 Returned to ship. Found Midshipman Fluffy asleep on duty.
13:01 At controls. Midshipman Fluffy relegated to brig for 10 minute timeout.
13:11 Discovered Midshipman Fluffy sleeping in brig. Unsure what to do next. Will consult with Admiral Papas.
13:24 Have decided to leave Midshipman Fluffy be. Will attempt to awaken him when it’s time for him to take over.
18:00 Break for supper. Midshipman Fluffy assures me he is capable of maintaining control.
18:45 Returned to controls. While congratulating Midshipman Fluffy for staying awake, he scratched me. Am concerned for Midshipman Fluffy’s well-being.
22:00 Hitting berth. Leaving Midshipman Fluffy at controls overnight.

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