Instructions on side of box read:

1. Carefully slice the circular sticker holding the top flap, using a sharp knife.
2. Lift flap. Caution: Do not look inside box.
3. With arms extended, reach into box and find the green tab.

“Wait. How can I find the green tab if I can’t look inside the box?”

“Keep reading!!!”

4. The green tab is smooth; the blue tab has pockets.

“What the hell are tab pockets?”

“Just… feel!”

“Okay, got it.”

5. Pull the green tab gently toward you.
6. When you feel a breeze, cease pulling.
7. Clasp blue tab and count to nine.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…”

“…eight? Why did you stop counting?”

“I farted.”

“Damn it, Marty! We bought a box of stinky wind for nothing!”


Wind is the prompt. Bizarre is the story.

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