#JusJoJan 9/17 – Power

“…and by the power vested in me by the King, I now pronounce you Husband and Wives. You may kiss the 38 brides. I’ll just sit over here and talk to my friend. Let me know when you’re done.”

Reverend Gus walked to the back of the church and sat beside Reverend Harry.

“How’d it go?” asked Harry.

“Oh, you know. Not bad. You been sleeping?”

“Yeah. I’ve got a 63-party wedding after this one. Figured it’d be a good idea to catch a nap. ‘S gonna take a while.”

“Uh-huh.” Gus scratched behind his ear. “Hey, did you hear the King’s talking about putting an end to this multiple marriage thing?”

“Nooo. For serious?”

“Yep. I heard he’s going to start cutting off heads of any woman who covets her neighbour’s husband.”

“Ooooh, that’s gonna get messy. Better brush up on the funeral services.”

“Yep, good idea.”


Today’s “Power” prompt came from 20/20 Hines Sight. You can find her blog here: https://2020hines-sight.com/

And, of course, very special thanks to Dan for hosting the prompt for me today! Make sure you go and visit his most excellent and entertaining blog here: http://nofacilities.com/

Finally, you can read more Just Jot It January posts and find out how to join in here: https://lindaghill.com/2017/01/09/jusjojan-daily-prompt-jan-9th17/ You can start any time!


“Darling, did you take my library book back yesterday?”

“No, my dear. We don’t have a library in town.”

“But it says here in this book–look, now–right here. For return or renewal on December 28th.”

“I see that, my dear, but the rest of the date states it should have been back in 2012.”

“Of course. That’s this year.”

“No it’s not. This year is 2016. You forget, you’ve been sleeping for four years.”

“I have?”

“Yes, my dear. You only woke up last week, the day after we moved. I had to have you packed in a wardrobe.”

“You’re joking!”

“No, dear, I’m not.”

“If you’re not, you know what that means, don’t you Darling?”

“It means I should sue the movers for waking you up?”

“No, it means we’re going to owe four years in late fees on this damned library book!”


“Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“That echo. It happens every time I speak.”

“No. Does it do it when I speak?”

“No. Only when I do.”

“Then it must be in your head.”

“It’s not in my head. I can hear it… it… it… Did you hear that?”

“That was just you saying ‘it’ three times.”

“So you heard it then! It’s not just in my head.”

“No! No, no, no. I heard you say ‘it’ three times. You actually said it. I heard you do it!”

“Now it’s happening when you do it too! I just heard you say ‘it’ three times!”

“Because I actually said ‘it’ three times. It’s not an echo. It’s me speaking!”


“What now?”

“Now your ‘it’s are coming out with esses on them. And so did mine… This is freaky!”

“No, you are freaky.”

“Now it’s happening with the word ‘freaky’! I’m freaking out!”

“Okay, that’s it. Excuse me, I’d like to sit somewhere else. Last time I’m taking this bus to work. Freak.”


“Why doesn’t she want a pot of flowers? They ‘cheer up the kitchen’ just as much as a long-stemmed rose that will die in a week.”

“Don’t ask me, man. Women are crazy. Hey, did you see that guy burn out at that intersection back there? So cool.”

“Pfft. Yeah. My wife doesn’t like it when I do that. Says it’s a waste of tires.”

“Haha. That’s women for you.”

With Kids in the Middle

“Billy! Welcome home! How did you enjoy your birthday weekend with your dad?”

Hi Mom. It sucked.

“Hey. Billy just ran upstairs saying your weekend sucked. Did the two of you get into it?”

“You know how it is. He wanted to go fishing, and then he didn’t. Kid can’t make up his mind.”

“Huh. You going to take the twins with you next time?”

“Winnie, you know I don’t have room at my place for all three kids.”

“So why did you buy such a small place?”

“It was all I could afford. The support payments are killing me!”

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have fu… fooled around on me!”


“Oh, Billy. I didn’t see you there.”

“Can I finish the cake in the fridge?”

“Sure you can, Honey. Dad was just leaving. I’ll come and join you.”


Today, we were to write a story all in dialogue as our prompt at a Story A Day. Julie suggested we use the two characters we wrote from the last two days, so that’s what I did. It worked out well.

The previous two posts here on my blog introduce you to the characters in this story. They are “Cake” and “Stones”.

Obvious, Part 2

“Oh look, here comes a witness. You were behind me at the intersection. What do you think? Was it obvious I was going to pull out?”

“Obvious you were going to pull out? What the hell are you talking about? Before you did move forward, you backed into me!”

“See? I told you. We collided because I had no idea what you intended to do. You, Sir, are up the river without a paddle.”

“It’s up the creek, shithead.”



“I think it was obvious I was going to pull out into the intersection.”

“I disagree.”

“Is that all you can say? You ‘disagree’?”

“Indeed it is. If it had been obvious you were going to pull out, we wouldn’t have collided.”

“Wouldn’t have collided. Wouldn’t have collided.”

“Why are you making fun of me?”

“Because we didn’t collide. YOU hit ME.”

“We should just wait for the police to get here.”

“Why? Why can’t we just exchange insurance information and go about our lives?”

“Because what you believe is obvious, isn’t. And besides. I think you’re drunk.”

“If I was drunk, I wouldn’t be standing here waiting for the cops. Would I, smartie pants?”

“Well at least we agree on one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m smarter than you are.”

“That’s not… Oh fuck it.”

The Chronicles of Mary, Part 7

Mary was standing at a bus stop, minding her own business, when a stranger approached her and asked her to take off her sunglasses. She did.
“You have the most beautiful eyes,” the man said breathlessly.
“I don’t have enough change to pay your fare,” she replied.
Sighing, the stranger moved on to the next person in line, who happened to be another man. The stranger walked away three minutes later with a bloody nose.

In Motion – 100 words

Stay in motion, stay in motion. Two breaths in (stay in), two breaths out (motion) to the rhythm of her feet as she jogged. The scrape of her sneakers on the gravel by the side of the deserted road was the only sound that cut through the dawn, apart from her breathy chant.

Was her morning jog a precursor to running away? Life at home was worthy of escape. All the insults, the yelling, the hitting. She knew it was only a matter of time.

Stay in motion, stay in motion. One day, she thought, she would not go back.


Instructions on side of box read:

1. Carefully slice the circular sticker holding the top flap, using a sharp knife.
2. Lift flap. Caution: Do not look inside box.
3. With arms extended, reach into box and find the green tab.

“Wait. How can I find the green tab if I can’t look inside the box?”

“Keep reading!!!”

4. The green tab is smooth; the blue tab has pockets.

“What the hell are tab pockets?”

“Just… feel!”

“Okay, got it.”

5. Pull the green tab gently toward you.
6. When you feel a breeze, cease pulling.
7. Clasp blue tab and count to nine.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…”

“…eight? Why did you stop counting?”

“I farted.”

“Damn it, Marty! We bought a box of stinky wind for nothing!”


Wind is the prompt. Bizarre is the story.