How, with all the blanks filled in, can I still not manage the colour of the sky? It’s too vast, I tell myself. Cloudless, it’s too pure. When I see those fluffy white beasts, I say, get away, you’re blocking my view.

Why is the sky so hard to draw?

I think it may be that I want not to float out of my body and high up there, when I die.

Should I mar the purity, of the sky.


#tuesdayuseitinasentence – Void

“You can only avoid the void for so long,” said the man to his son.

“I don’t believe it,” replied the son. “As long as I remain planted on this earth, I can avoid the void.”

“But who is to say you will remain planted? We must all die eventually.”

“And then I shall be even better planted.”

“You have a point,” the man agreed reluctantly.

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If I can’t have you, I can at least dream you are here.
The day you died I thought I would expire with grief.
These four walls seem to mock me – outside is inches away, but here I stay.
Holding your lifeless body, trapped somehow in those moments when your eyes gazed back…
If I ever escape, I will find you and hold you and never let you go.
…there I remain. Except when I sleep, I dream you are here, my love.
My love. Until we meet again.

Inspired by my novel-in-progress.


drunkenness heals not the pain
nor soothes the rage
for the dead and dying
but perhaps it dulls the sting
of the blaming tongue
and falls short
as does everything
for the sake
of the grieving mother

tomorrow shall we find sober thoughts
and calm solutions
for that which is senseless
in every way

JusJoJan the 29th – Ghost, a 50-word story

Your ghost haunts me, even now. I lay here searching the stars for the one that might be you, the cold ground beneath me, surrounding me; I know you are beside me. The first shovelful of dirt hits my chest and I wonder, why are they burying me at night?


JJJ 2016

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