how to string together
the words to convey
how much i love you?

my goal
to linger like the fragrance a strawberry
you carry upon your breath all the day

my hope
to pervade your thoughts
much the same as
the ocean’s waves break relentlessly on the sand

my dilemma
to find a way to let you know
i exist

Oasis – a 50 word story

Walking down the sidewalk with my shopping bags in hand, you’d think I have everything I need. But then there’s you. On the other side of the busy street, chatting with your friends and seemingly having fun. But I know you’re not. You can’t be. Because I’m way over here.

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My Addiction, Part End

I listen to the music
that you like all day.

I taste the food you enjoy
(I know because we go to the same restaurant)

I smell the shirt
I stole from your locker at the gym
(I sleep with it)

I feel between the sheets
how you must feel…
(between the sheets)

I see
I see

When you leave your house I watch
you get into your car
and you drive to work.
You laugh and you joke
with the people there
and you drive back home.

I see you walk away from me
when I try to approach you
can’t you love me too?

I am your
You are my

My Addiction, Part Middle

are you running away
when we were getting
along so well —

do you not answer my calls?

are you so aloof
when I want you
so much —

are you looking at other girls?

are you making my life
so miserable

My Addiction

My addiction is not
to the drug that makes me high
or the wine, blood red
that flows through my veins

My addiction is
the space between your knees
your bow-legged walk
in your jeans.

My addiction is not
to the high that is the taste
of ice cream or chocolate
or mountains of candy

My addiction is
the anticipation of your face
your voice on the phone
your knock on my door.

My addiction is not
the taste of caffeine
or the air that I breathe
or the roof over my head

My addiction is
your back
as you walked away
from me.