“I don’t wanna eat my vegetals,” said William as he dropped his spoon on the floor.

“William, you know what we talked about. You have to eat your vegetables or else you’re going to get sick,” said Mom.

“You eat vegetals all the time and you get sick sometimes.”

“That’s because I catch it off other people.”

William thought about that for a moment. “Mom, why do people throw vegetals?”

“People don’t throw them. They eat them.”

“But you said you catched vegetals from other people.”

Mom laughed, “Oh, no I catch colds from other people.”

“People throw colds?”

“Yes, William. Something like that, at least.”

“Why don’t you drop the colds like when you don’t catch a ball?”

“I wish it was that easy. Now eat your vegetables, please.”

“But I don’t wanna.”

“William. I told you eat your vegetables. William! Stop throwing your vegetables!”

“But they’re colds! Other people throw colds, why can’t I?”

“They’re not colds! They’re just cold because you’re taking so long to eat them!”

“They’re germy now. Aren’t colds germies?”

Mom sighed. “Yes, William. Yes they are.”