#SoCS – Hopeful

First thing you must know is I love you.
I wish for you that the world will always treat you well
and that the sun will shine brightly on all your waking dreams,
and that the moon will hang in the sky for you to pluck out and gift to the one you adore.
I wish for you a long life of pleasure and not too much pain
I wish for your health, your compassion, and your love for those not as fortunate.
I am hopeful that one day you will read these words
and that you will take them to heart.
I wish for you peace, to the very end.


This Stream of Consciousness Saturday post is dedicated to my children. A very happy new year to all three of you, the best sons a mother could have.
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“I don’t wanna eat my vegetals,” said William as he dropped his spoon on the floor.

“William, you know what we talked about. You have to eat your vegetables or else you’re going to get sick,” said Mom.

“You eat vegetals all the time and you get sick sometimes.”

“That’s because I catch it off other people.”

William thought about that for a moment. “Mom, why do people throw vegetals?”

“People don’t throw them. They eat them.”

“But you said you catched vegetals from other people.”

Mom laughed, “Oh, no I catch colds from other people.”

“People throw colds?”

“Yes, William. Something like that, at least.”

“Why don’t you drop the colds like when you don’t catch a ball?”

“I wish it was that easy. Now eat your vegetables, please.”

“But I don’t wanna.”

“William. I told you eat your vegetables. William! Stop throwing your vegetables!”

“But they’re colds! Other people throw colds, why can’t I?”

“They’re not colds! They’re just cold because you’re taking so long to eat them!”

“They’re germy now. Aren’t colds germies?”

Mom sighed. “Yes, William. Yes they are.”


“My mom is old,” said Billy as he plowed his truck through a pile of sand alongside the curb.

“My mom is ancient!” said Tommie. He ran his car head-on into Billy’s.

“What are you boys doing?” asked Tommie’s mom, coming up behind them and scaring both.

“We’re just talking about how beautiful our moms are,” answered Tommie.

Tommie’s mom smiled. “You can keep that up.”

Tommie shrugged and his mom walked away.

hide and seek

childish games of long ago
when we’d laugh and run
for “home”
after being found
but not yet tagged

but when you told me,
“hide!” two days ago
life was far from carefree
not fun,
but frightening

i’ve not yet been tagged
nor found
and i’m afraid laughter
is far in the past
i mustn’t cry

as i slept last night
in this cramped and cold room
i dreamed that we were eating
on a patio in summer
we were adults

the dogs i hear now howling
are maybe coming for me with their noses
i only hope
that you
are holding their leashes

what’s that?
a friendly voice…
a woman, my mom?
and you, dear brother
He must be safe in jail

Happy Children’s Day

“Happy Children’s Day,” said the mother to her son on Mother’s Day morning.

“What do you mean?” asked the son.

“If I’ve done my job right,” explained the mother, “you will derive more pleasure from spoiling me than I will for being spoiled.”

The son smiled, “You’re right, Mummy! Please enjoy your sardine pancakes. I brought syrup, too!”

That Which is Everlasting

Clever, this mode of communication. I can speak without words and you listen, from farther than sound waves carry. Across vast distance we converse, sometimes shouting, sometimes secretly whispering, or jesting delightedly, our smiles never faltering. I am laden with unmanageable sadness when we misunderstand.

Today I find myself weary, though never too weary to blow you a kiss.

Or push the door closed with the sign for ‘I love you.’

Originally written August 5th 2013 for my son, Alex, who is Deaf.