Haiku – Vigor

Lazy summer days
Fall quickly to winter then
Vigor is vital


JusJoJan the 2nd – Haiku Paw-Pause (#SoCS)


Suspended mid romp
paws pause to slumber and yet
dreams twitch them beyond

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JJJ 2016



Perfect days
pass far too quickly
with the sun glimmering
between leaves of green
not even the soft warm breeze
can blow away the hue
of emerald bliss.

But time
presses the hands of the clock
onward, ignoring the euphoria
of this human –
this speck upon the earth
who creates amidst
a perfect day’s inspiration.

The Words

A story in two sentences.


“Your words are like a damned river!”

“But when I’m around you, my words are like a dammed river: can’t you hear the difference?”



In your blood there must be fire
Let me burn upon my tongue

In your eyes is love’s reflection
Might my smile there ever young

On your breath the twist of sour
Distasteful words are mine to learn

In your hand is grasp’d my spirit
Now I writhe, within I turn

Make me hear your growled confession
How I wish for quiet here

Make me see your hallowed scarring
Stinging in my eyes your tears

Hold me in your deathly chalice
Here I drink your stormy wars

Make me dance your holy heartbeat
Eternally my pulse with yours