you, inverted

you’re full-on
or not at all
retreat! retreat!
is your frightened motto
screamed in a whimper
of stage-one inversion

Reach – #SoCS and The Daily Post

The cash is sitting on the table. I watch on the closed-circuit camera set-up to see if she’ll reach for it. I trust her – we’ve been together for five years. I hope she won’t do it.

Trust is essential in a relationship. It’s the one thing that will make me cut out, lack of trustworthiness.

I’m just about to get up and go back into the room when she does it. It takes her under two seconds to grab and pocket the cash.

I go to confront her: “Why did you do it?” I ask.

“Why were you watching me?” she counters.

She’s got a point.

Reach is the one-word prompt from The Daily Post.

Cash is the one-word prompt from Stream of Consciousness Saturday.


That Thing – #SoCS – an 100-word story*

“That thing is not going in my closet.” It was the last thing I ever heard her say.

We’d been talking about moving in together for months. She knew about my collection. Sure, she’d never seen it… she hadn’t wanted to. I tried to explain to her how big it was and how freakin’ awe-inspiring it was. I guess she didn’t believe me. In retrospect, I do remember her just nodding and smiling as though she was humouring me.

I think it was the boa that took offense to her screaming first. Or maybe it was the cobra. Oh well.


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*Author’s note: No editing went into this post in order to make it an 100-word story. Just how it turned out. I’m happy about that. 😉