Wretched – #AtoZ Challenge

Oh woe is me
as I sit here
in a puddle of spilled tea.

My hot ass
is by far hotter
than it was but five minutes past.

And just as I
was about to walk
out the door on a date with a guy.

His ass was hotter
than mine yesterday
but now, alas, my hotpants are no better than a blotter.

Oh woe is me
I must get changed
into beige-ly boring cloth, and sadly covered knees.

Author’s Notes:

1. Some characters fall easily into poetry. The sadder they are, the faster they fall, in my experience.

2. I have no plans to write Adult Content fiction pieces for this challenge, but it happens, and it’s sometimes beyond my control if I’m to remain authentic to my muse. I will place a warning in the title of those posts which fall under the AC category.