Pler-plerpex … perpul…

“So, I gotta… I gotta say. I’m juss not happy.”

“Want another beer?”

“Ssurrre. Thanks, Buddy.”

“No prob.”


“So you’re sayin’ you’re not happy. I can understann.”

“You can? ‘Coz I can’t. I don’ know how she coulda done it. How could she mess ’round on me?”

“I dunno, Bud. I mean look at ya. You’re a good-lookin’ guy.”

“I know, righ’? I’m juss plerpex… plerplex… plerplexed.”

“I think you mean perpulx…pexed. Perpexed.”

“Perpexed? Nah, it’s plerplexed.”


“Yeah, I’m convused.”


The word of the day at The Daily Post is pler… plerpex… perplexed.

JusJoJan the 22nd – Felicity, a 50-word story

“Hey Hank! What do you think of my letter?”

Dear Felicity,
Your duplicity is unprecedented. Your name implies delights unimaginable and yet you refuse to go down on me. What gives?

“Errr, Stan? Her name’s Felicity. Not Fellatio.”

“Oh. OHHH!”

Dear Felicity,
Please accept deepest apologies for my recent behaviour…

JJJ 2016

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