Zany, 100 words – #AtoZ Challenge

“You know,” I began. My brother doesn’t know anything, so it was a rhetorical statement. “If you cross a giraffe with an elephant, the result will just be a scaly grey giraffe. They have the same tail.”

“But it has to have a trunk!” he exclaimed.

“If you give it a trunk it will topple forward. I won’t be able to get from tree to tree in order to eat.”

“It doesn’t need to eat! It’s just a picture!!”

He had a point. I handed him my grey crayon and let him get on with it. But I couldn’t watch.

Author’s Notes:

1. I don’t suppose this character is “zany” as much as childish, but this is what I ended up with and I’m sticking to it.

2. I think I only ended up with one or two “adult content” posts. None were particularly naughty. Ah, well. It’s been fun doing this challenge with characters. Thanks for reading.

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