Creamy, too – 100 word fiction

(Part One Creamy.)

“Hey man, did you see that ‘creamy’ chick again today?”

“Yep. She sat behind me again. This time she whispered, ‘You’re really, really creamy,’ and then she licked my ear.”

“Geez! What did you do?”

“I talked to her after the lecture. We went home to her place.”


“And she’s got a fridge full of whipped cream.”

“So you…”

“So I got creamy.”

“Wow. Are you gonna see her again?”

“I think so. She said something about me being extra horny.”

“She didn’t have, like, deers and rhinos mounted on the walls, did she?”

“Yeah! How did you know?”

Unity – 100 words

How challenging it is to go out alone. To primp and puff myself up, to make myself big enough inside so I’m not trampled upon by the crowds.

Because they are vicious, the crowds. They look at me, they judge me, then they turn in disgust only to charge moments later.

I am but me. I have one voice, one hope, that someday I will grow and walk to my full height out in the world. Before the lights go out, I wish to sing of peace.

I believe with determination we individuals can unite. Small outside but big within.

Melody, Two – 100-word Drabble

Melody’s self-consciousness at not being able to sing caused her to maintain the facade that she couldn’t speak. Her wish to vocalize came with her first crush.

His name was Marvin. He was tall, handsome, older than her, and he had a place in the school choir. Like Melody, he couldn’t hold a note in a bucket. One day as she walked home from school, following him, she tripped and fell on the sidewalk. She let out an exclamation and he came running. When she explained her dilemma to him, he promised to keep her secret.

Melody was in love.

To be continued…
Melody, Part One

I wrote this drabble in response to the Story A Day challenge.

Paranoia – 100 words

She walks like she’s being followed, slow and fast, turning right four times and then left, watching her back all the time. She sees a cheat from a mile away and wonders why he’s cheating. Look at his beautiful wife, after all. She wishes she could look over her virtual shoulder, to see if they’re all copying her.

She waits.

Tension is her middle name.

Is that something burning?

Are the homeless really spies?

She’d have her groceries delivered if it wasn’t for that weird guy who works at the store.

What was that noise?

The bugs are coming in.

In Motion – 100 words

Stay in motion, stay in motion. Two breaths in (stay in), two breaths out (motion) to the rhythm of her feet as she jogged. The scrape of her sneakers on the gravel by the side of the deserted road was the only sound that cut through the dawn, apart from her breathy chant.

Was her morning jog a precursor to running away? Life at home was worthy of escape. All the insults, the yelling, the hitting. She knew it was only a matter of time.

Stay in motion, stay in motion. One day, she thought, she would not go back.

Olympic Texting – 100 word drabble

“Okay, Mary, the players are neck in neck and coming to the finish line. Who will win the race for fastest text message?”

“Tommy’s in the lead now, Frank, with, ‘OMG SRSLY?'”

“And now it’s Gina with ‘WYSIWYG!'”

“They’re dead even! Time is running out!”

“What’s that? Did Tommy just… No! He was quick on his, ‘WTF’ but he forgot his punctuation! The judges aren’t going to like this.”

“You’re right, Frank. Especially the German judge.”

“It’s down to the wire. Gina’s has to come up with… She did it!”

“‘PMSL!’ For the win!”

“Gina is our new gold medalist!”

Autonomy – The Daily Post – 100 word fiction

Bright colours, morning to night. The lights are always on.

I’m alone here: I’ve been alone for as long as I can remember. I walk around freely but, with nothing new to see, I feel like I’m living in a fish bowl. But I’m not a fish. I look down at my red plaid pants, my shiny red shoes sticking out, and my neon pink shirt and I wonder, who the hell dressed me in this? Being alone, I am, by definition, autonomous in this land. Yet I have no control! I must inquire with the hand that draws me.


The Daily Post prompt word of the day is Autonomy.

Give and Take – 100 word fiction – Daily Post

It is my pleasure to take from you all you have to give. And you give it willingly, you do. But for a price, of course.

You know I shall enjoy my pleasure, and you indulge me each time I ask. We have that sort of relationship, you and I. Of mutual benefit, do you not think?

The pleasures you give are sweet, they are sumptuous. They linger on the lips like the taste of a kiss, they do. And what is it I give back to you?

About a hundred bucks a day. Chocolate is not cheap, is it?


Find the Daily Post here, where today the prompt is Pleasure.

Time Bomb – 100 word story

Everyone loves him. Everyone feels safe in his presence. He is essential to our well-being. We flock to him as though he is our savior. Since the Armageddon, there are only a few hundred of us left. So how do I break it to the others?

I shouldn’t have been eavesdropping. In the dark, beneath the ruins of a church I heard him pray to the deity in whom we cease to believe. He pleaded and begged for guidance. What’s worse, he asked for forgiveness. I thought he was our God now.

We are doomed. Our savior is a lie.

The Common Cold – 100 word story

“The cure for the common cold lies within our grasp, Sir.” I expected him to pat me on the back, but instead his eyes have gone shifty. I try stating the obvious. “The humans will have no recourse but to bow to us now.”

He rubs his long, pointy green chin. “I think we need more study.”

“But, Sir!”

“Never mind, Major. Arrange to have the next shipment brought into my lab forthwith. And don’t forget to restock the anal probes.”

Odd, I think after he walks out. I would have thought the nasal probes more necessary for further study.