can’t see the future
it’s unanticipable
unqualified to speculate
can’t anticipate
what they’re going to do

do they know?
can they prognosticate?
or are they prostrate
scratching their noggins
debilitatably stuck?

ain’t got the answers
maybe neither them too
so what are we to do?
wait and see


Chili might elicit a burp or a fart
And lightning a blink or a wink

The moonlight might just draw out a gasp




And cause your canoe to sink (but I doubt it).

#SoCS – Parts

there are parts of you
I’d like to claw,
and yes,
there are parts
that I’d like
to caress.
there are parts of you
I’d like to kiss
and yes,
there are parts
I just want
to breathe in.
I would love
to make
you mine
and yes,
I know
we’ll never


Stream of Consciousness Saturday.



there’s something purely distinct
about fire, isn’t there?
how it silkenly licks and caresses
its victim until
it no longer exists as it was
but it succumbs so gently
like a lover accepting
her very last kiss
unable to bring to memory
the one before


This poem was written in Stream of Consciousness. Click the link to join in the prompt, which this week is “mem”: https://lindaghill.com/2016/11/11/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-nov-1216/

It was also prompted by the Daily Post. The word of the day, Flames.

cereal aisle psychosis

i married a man
with cereal aisle psychosis
whom i can leave to ponder
this or that
or that or this
for half a day
and still wind up
with naught
but a bowl of milk
for breakfast

my question is
if the cereal aisle
is such a conundrum
how did he
choose me?


and breaker of hearts
how did we drift apart
so easily
when we relied on each other
when we fought
for each other
when we melded so completely
in the night
beneath the stars
what was ours
who knew
it could shatter

#TuesdayUseItInASentence – Loom, A Haiku

looming overhead
the flock a-wing for hunting
feast for young tonight


“Loom” is the word of the day for the Tuesday Use It In A Sentence prompt. Check it out and join in! https://stephaniecolpron.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/tuesdayuseitinasentence-loom/

Eerie Light

An eerie light
shines starkly through
the stained-glass windows here


that wasn’t there
just yesterday
the reason isn’t clear.


This little poem was brought to you by “The Daily Post,” (link above) and by K’Lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge. This week’s prompt was “glass.” Check it out! It’s fun! https://diaryofaninternetnobody.com/2016/10/31/klee-and-dales-cosmic-photo-challenge-34/

recurring you

i love
how you rearrange
my thoughts
you reappear
and re-propose
all those things you did
so long ago
you’re addictive
you know
even though
I’m not
the woman I was
seem not to change
that’s why
you rearrange
your arch’d brow
makes me vow
there’s never been
another quite the same
and there will never be
for me
for the truth
is that you
like a tattoo
skin deep
are a part of me
I’ll never see
again the same
in the november rain
those showers
how that beauty
will be ever ours


Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?
We both know your heart is hollow
with a lining of artificial sweetener
and a crust constructed from the ashes
of all the victims who came before me.

“How nice to see you again.”
Your smile hides the snarl
that will wither me, I know
’cause I’ve been here before.
I’m the idiot who comes back for more.

The chase ends here, my fake friend.
You’ll fool me no more with your saccharine ways
The jig is up
and I’ll bury you alive
before you slither back into my life.