you, inverted

you’re full-on
or not at all
retreat! retreat!
is your frightened motto
screamed in a whimper
of stage-one inversion

A Christmas Wish

atop a
in hope
for the new
year’s growth
and prosperity
with health for all,
for there is nothing on
earth, that one who is true
can wish for more than the joy
and love and peace that is brought
by caring for one’s fellow man, no matter
he was


you look at me as though you would drink my blood
slice my skin with a pointed nail
“oh, if you only knew
what i could do to you right now,” you say,
then you eat me alive
my veins drip red wine
you suck the life from my pores
and drunk on the torture of love
i obey



awe-inspiring words
put together just right
cause madness
can give birth to a thousand, a million other words
if placed before the eyes
or whispered in the ear
of a maddened artist…
these words
this well-hung quote
laps up all the juices
and spits them back
into the maddening wilderness
of the writer’s mind

life for the living

lift the shrouds from the faces of the dead
ghosts rise high into the night to say
life is too short to rest
but sleep well
sleep wisely

Flee – A Limerick

There once was a man who would flee
A store with an armful for free
He dodged the alarm
And with oodles of charm
Sent the cops on a goose-chase, yippee!


let’s slap together a wall
shall we?
build it out of pancakes
with sweet slippery syrup to hold it up
construct it out of love
and slurp it down
when we can’t keep our hands off each other
ah why build it anyway?
let’s go to bed hungry
and wake up full

fade away

burst onto the scene
all bright smiles and glitter
you are
a thousand sparks of light
in infamous colour
an outburst of heat
all ornamentation and lust
an angel in flight

how long can you go?
the change it takes
to light up a room
is a weight in gold, my friend
and all the elegant stars
in the sky
cannot energize you

will you super nova?
caught up in the air
above their heads
will you suddenly need
a safety net
god forbid
or will you just, my friend
fade away?

Haiku – Vigor

Lazy summer days
Fall quickly to winter then
Vigor is vital



what is it, hope
something we can touch
or taste
some say yes,
that it’s possible
to be that close to
the edge
the brink of getting just
what you want
for that space in time
one flippin’ second away
can almost…

but that’s where the hope comes in
just between you and me
there ain’t no difference
between this and that
that hope
this taste
because the destination
really does lie
in the journey
sometimes we walk around it
without even knowing
laughed at us on the way past