A Serious Joke

Pauly’s nerves threatened to cause his dinner to reappear as the tip of the knife pierced the skin on his throat.

“You couldn’t tell a joke if your life depended on it, could you?” the Master of Ceremonies asked.

Pauly should have known better than to enter Richard Bachman’s “The Funny Man” contest.

“Joke” is the one-word prompt on The Daily Post.

JusJoJan the 25th – It’s Magic!, a 50-word story

“And for my next sleight of hand,” said the prestidigitator, “I will turn this potato into a magician!”

The magician bends, knife in hand, and carves the spud into the shape of a number one.

He opens his palms to present his work of art and says:

“Presto! Digit tater!”

JJJ 2016

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