humanity – haiku

for all the beauty
celebrate what we have now
gone in an instant

Hiroshima sunrise

Hiroshima sunrise

#SoCS – Shine

Youth of today, you have a date with the future. Go, create beautiful things. Follow in the footsteps of the masters: pay attention now. For what is to come is entirely up to you.

Shine on.


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Me Movie – a 50-word story

I think there should be a movie of me. It would show my awesome life: sailing around the world, fighting dragons, climbing really tall mountains, swimming to the bottom of the ocean, sorting mail, knitting scarves… Oh wait, I started daydreaming. Flying airplanes, finding gold close to the earth’s core…


life is weightless
like feathers stacked upon feathers
only to have them blown away

you think you know
which direction things will take
like life. or like this poem

there’s verse and there’s rhyme
and rhythm, but then there’s not
because life, like poems, can stop abrup


little girl
you are the paralyser
one look from you
and dreams fall
to the ground

old woman
abbreviated version
look inward
that’s it


don’t you have days
when you just wanna say fuck it
or whatever your personal equivalent
of that is?

don’t you sit down of an evening
and stare at the wall
or the tv, or whatever is right in front
of you?

don’t you have mornings
when even coffee can’t get you going
or allow you to smile at the stuff
you’re supposed to?

don’t you hate people
who are cheerful no matter what?
don’t you think that maybe they’re just lying
through their sickeningly happy teeth?

don’t you just…
oh fuck it.

That Which is Everlasting

Clever, this mode of communication. I can speak without words and you listen, from farther than sound waves carry. Across vast distance we converse, sometimes shouting, sometimes secretly whispering, or jesting delightedly, our smiles never faltering. I am laden with unmanageable sadness when we misunderstand.

Today I find myself weary, though never too weary to blow you a kiss.

Or push the door closed with the sign for ‘I love you.’

Originally written August 5th 2013 for my son, Alex, who is Deaf.