humanity – haiku

for all the beauty
celebrate what we have now
gone in an instant

Hiroshima sunrise

Hiroshima sunrise


Tired of waiting, for you
(whoever you are)
to come into my life,
I shall create you.

I will knit for you, a cape
(made of feathers)
to drape upon your shoulders,
to give you form.

I will dream for you, a castle
(with a dragon)
so that you may rescue me,
and kiss me awake.

I will sing for you, a song
(full of love)
to rouse you into dance,
so that you may hold me.

I will bake for you, a feast
(of drool-worthy delectables)
and get you drunk on wine,
and whisk you away.

Ah, but to knit, a cape
(castle, song, feast)
for a love such as yours,
is a labour of a lifetime

yet unfinished


how to string together
the words to convey
how much i love you?

my goal
to linger like the fragrance a strawberry
you carry upon your breath all the day

my hope
to pervade your thoughts
much the same as
the ocean’s waves break relentlessly on the sand

my dilemma
to find a way to let you know
i exist

pretend – poetry

we can pretend
that our differences
don’t really matter

that the drizzle outside
is just a wet blanket
like the one
that covers us
when we try to have fun

when we kiss goodnight
we’re not really going
to bed mad

but what good does it do
to make believe we’re happy

they say
love is hard
it’s work
but it has to be
worth working for

we loved

i still love you
but the grass
the drizzle falls on
seems greener
and you
are tired of seeing me
look out the window

Fragile, Haiku

Fragile as I seem
Only one thing can break me
It is your leaving

Slog – a Poem

To usher the day in,
a coffee, made with love,
a kiss goodbye,
and I’m off.

Though my hours are long
and my patience sometimes short,

I come home each evening,
a dinner, made with love,
a kiss goodnight,
and that’s us, day out.

Slog is the word of the day at The Daily Post.

Endless Summer

The palm trees sway elegantly in the ocean breeze
as she lounges at twilight upon the beach
and ponders, a cheap paperback
tented, forgotten, on her thigh,
that perhaps she could have won,
striven harder
toiled longer
to achieve her dream
of skiing down a mountain slope
snow dancing beneath her feet,
chilled wind whistling past her ears…
But all she has is here,
is now,
the palm trees swaying,
the sun-warmed sand beneath her chair.

The ocean sings a song of endless summer
as she breathes in the salty sea
and picks up her book
to escape her broken wish.

my muse

muse, you travel through me
like a song
in a dream
on the tip of my tongue
your kiss
is a whisper of magic
possibilities eternal
your touch
a gentle push to create
and through your eyes
we see worlds
until now unfathomable
your thoughts flow through me
at times unwanted,
they invade my mind.
and yet,
i can’t live without you.

wet me with your tears
shake me with laughter
shock me with your
delicious ways
and i will follow you
as though i have no choice
for the truth is
you command my every word.


I admire the way you look
through my glass of white wine
upside down.
How do you do that?
Defying gravity,
or maybe it’s just me
floating away.


If I can’t have you, I can at least dream you are here.
The day you died I thought I would expire with grief.
These four walls seem to mock me – outside is inches away, but here I stay.
Holding your lifeless body, trapped somehow in those moments when your eyes gazed back…
If I ever escape, I will find you and hold you and never let you go.
…there I remain. Except when I sleep, I dream you are here, my love.
My love. Until we meet again.

Inspired by my novel-in-progress.