pretend – poetry

we can pretend
that our differences
don’t really matter

that the drizzle outside
is just a wet blanket
like the one
that covers us
when we try to have fun

when we kiss goodnight
we’re not really going
to bed mad

but what good does it do
to make believe we’re happy

they say
love is hard
it’s work
but it has to be
worth working for

we loved

i still love you
but the grass
the drizzle falls on
seems greener
and you
are tired of seeing me
look out the window

Rain – a story in 22 words

Despite the rain
I will walk slowly by your side
because you’re holding my hand,
and I never want to let go.

#SoCS – Together

I think the wind blew us together, one stormy night. How else would you explain the randomness of our meeting? I, alone at the bus stop and you, pulling up in your car to give me a ride. You told me I’d missed the last bus. And it was raining so hard. When we got to my house you offered me your umbrella. You came back to get it the next day. And then, we kissed. It was the best kiss I’d ever had.

We were meant to be together, you and I. But for a fair night, it would never have been.


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Melody, Three

Dear Diary,

Today was my twenty-second birthday. It was also our wedding day. Marvin was fabulous as usual. He became proficient at sign language, just for me, even though he knows I can speak. He remained the only one who knew for eight whole years until today.

My first words out loud to anyone but him were, “I do.”

Mom and Dad think Marvin is responsible for a miracle. Only my husband (my husband! It’s going to take a while to get used to it!) knows my secret. He vowed today, privately during our first dance, to keep it to the grave, along with his everlasting love for me.

The end.

Our challenge at Story A Day September was to write in the first person.

Romance – The Learning Curve (Fiction)

In romance, there is a learning curve we all must traverse.

First kiss may seem like the ultimate in excitement, until it happens and we find ourselves liplocked with a drooling boy, with something hard shoved down his pants.

That first alien experience when we girls discover what that hard thing feels like directly. It drools also, much to our amazement.

The first time we let him fumble around – who knew bra straps were such a mystery?

And then, when we finally let him go all the way. For me that was to be with the altar behind us. Our wedding day was exhausting, with an evening spent socializing with everyone but him. I was nervous, naturally. Mostly because, despite the fact that all my romantic experiences up ’til then had not been what I expected, I had dreamed this moment would be perfection. Just like all the romance novels I’d read, where the heroine is worshiped by her man. Things always go so smoothly, don’t they?

I suppose my first mistake was thinking that a limo was a good idea, so he would be free to drink and not have to drive back to our hotel. Suffice to say my learning curve is complete: bra straps are even more a mystery, floors are hard, and drooling and snoring also go together.

This virgin bride will try not to step on him when I get up in the morning.

Moon – 50 words

The crescent moon draws me in. Without you, I have reverted back to what I was at birth: a creature of the night. I live only in my dreams of you. By day, I waste away, a shadow of the man that existed when you, my love, made me shine.

From a work-in-progress.

Surface Love

Your love for me is surface love. At parties you use me like a bauble, one to be pointed at and admired. In a restaurant you serve your knowledge of wine across the table and off me it bounces, volleying your admiration for yourself back at you.

But between the sheets you clothe me with confidence. You undress me with wanton passion. You gather me up and accompany me to your glory.

And in the morning… you skate away.


Surface is the one-word prompt on The Daily Post.


as sure as the stars
glitter in the night
i know you’re out there
searching for me
as i search for you
on every street
in every crowd
the one i’ll know
just know
is meant for me
for in the dark
each night i lay
and hear your voice
whispering love
elusive as
an echo

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Give and Take – 100 word fiction – Daily Post

It is my pleasure to take from you all you have to give. And you give it willingly, you do. But for a price, of course.

You know I shall enjoy my pleasure, and you indulge me each time I ask. We have that sort of relationship, you and I. Of mutual benefit, do you not think?

The pleasures you give are sweet, they are sumptuous. They linger on the lips like the taste of a kiss, they do. And what is it I give back to you?

About a hundred bucks a day. Chocolate is not cheap, is it?


Find the Daily Post here, where today the prompt is Pleasure.


when we met
your fences stood tall,
proud and mighty
of a wood that near gleamed

at a week
i saw a splinter
maybe two
and perhaps some of the sheen

at a month
i was sure i found
chinks, chunks
and a dozen knotholes

at a year
your fences made a decrepit
clown’s mouth on
an abandoned funhouse wall look

and today
your fences are afire
as you try
to resurrect them in time:

for my dear
i pour water upon your ruins
to the fizzle of my love