#SoCS – Vacuum

Technology is such that I have become lost in it, it seems. At times I see myself as a brain, floating above a chair, bodiless fingers upon a keyboard, in the vacuum of the Internet. My friends are other, bodiless brains and fingers and sometimes hands grasping appendages as they watch whatever excites them.

Do we become solid only when we get up out of our chairs? Away from our screens with images and words reduced to pixels and ones and zeros the moment they leave our floating minds? Do we ever long for smells, taste and the feel of anything but the nubs on the ‘f’ and the ‘j’?


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Classy – #SoCS

It was the classiest restaurant in town. I was sure this was it. He even rented a tux. I got my sexy red number out of the closet and dusted it off. Spit-shined my red patent-leather stilettos, and dug out my favourite diamond necklace. The tux was enough, I thought, but when a limo pulled up at the curb and he got out and stood nonchalantly beside it, I called out to him, “Wait a minute, I forgot something!” and I went back into the kitchen, grabbed the box of lard and greased up my ring finger on my left hand.

I was so excited when I got out of the car! We were seated at the back of the restaurant in a quiet, romantic corner and he ordered champagne from the maitre d’ – he didn’t even wait for the waiter to come over. By this time I was almost pissing myself with excitement.

Then the salads came.

Then the entrees.

Then he ordered dessert for both of us. I thought, this is it. There’s got to be a ring in the jello.  I toyed with it, with my spoon. I searched it… It’s clear for fuck sake! Surely if there was a diamond ring hiding in it, I’d be able to find it! But no.

So I started on his. But to hell with the spoon. I grabbed his bowl and began to pick up his jello with my fingers. Every cube that didn’t contain a ring got tossed over my shoulder. My anger was ringing in my ears so loud I could barely hear his cries of mortification. The maitre d’ came over and ushered us out (after collecting the money for the food).

Dejected, I got back in the limo. He didn’t sit beside me. He didn’t speak. At all. Not until we got back to my place, where he told me he never wanted to see me again. Which really pissed me off since I didn’t even get his number.

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#SoCS – Amber and Ash

I sit at the traffic light and watch the amber bulb blink on and off. My car is almost out of gas and I wonder how much longer the electricity will stay running. But does it matter? The slain lay behind me, their brains eaten. Now that I’ve finished off the last of the zombies, I have nothing left to eat. Nothing but ash. And zombie brains.


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#SoCS – there’s one in every neighbourhood

the easy answer
is you’re nasty –
your tasty little
comments above
meaningful murmurs
that on the surface are
humorous, but if
they could hear you
they’d be unim-
pressed by the
quality of your quips

you’re the epitome of

but wouldn’t it be nice
if you could be just
a little bit more
accepting and
excepting the standards
to which you hold
yourself up there is
nothing to show me
that you’re any
better than

you could be the
epitome of,
someone like me


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#SoCS – break


Kamakura, Japan, December, 2014

when the waves break
upon the shore
with not so much but a whimper
take to heed that
to the speck of sand
from the depths of the ocean
up to the shore
the movement was
momentous and the water,
in its course,


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#SoCS – An Underestimation

“Uh, Sir, I think you underestimate me.”

“Do you really think so, Johnson? I mean, look at your record. Just last week you picked up three dead raccoons, twenty squirrels, and four crows. Your contemporaries doubled that!”

“But you forget that they are in the city. You have me out doing the rural routes.”

“Where there should be more roadkill!”


“But what, Johnson?”

“But what about the moose?”

“There was a moose?”

“Yeah. Just last week. Didn’t Davis tell you?”

“It’s the first I’ve heard. Did you pick it up all by yourself?”

“Yes, Sir. I did.”

“What did you do with it?”

“It’s been your lunch, Sir, for the last three days.”


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#SoCS – apparent

from musty halls with creak-loud benches
we kneel and pray
and watch through stained-
glass windows
the rain patter
as the voices rise
and weep and mourn
for days of rejoicing
not long past

but apparent is not so true…

the glass once stained with
steady hand and careful grace
no longer holds its colour

for the stain consists
of war-torn souls
and the rain
is the tears
of children orphaned
and the benches creak
under the weight
of ghosts


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Harbinger – #AtoZ Challenge #SoCS

I tell them by day and by night. Hours, I spend on street corners until dirty, ignorant cops send me on my way. I will not give up. They must know:

The devil is rising. He will come in the form of a man made of gold and hot air. He will smile as he shakes his fist. He will raise the masses to a frenzy of feeding upon their fellow man.

He will come, mark my words. And when he does, we will have no place to go… except Mars or Jupiter of course.

Author’s Notes:

1. This started with the envisioning of a street corner preacher. Being that it was Stream of Consciousness, I just let it go… off the planet. Extra points if you know who the “devil” is.

2. I have no plans to write Adult Content fiction pieces for this challenge, but it happens, and it’s sometimes beyond my control if I’m to remain authentic to my muse. I will place a warning in the title of those posts which fall under the AC category.

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#SoCS – greener grass

you’re here
he’s there
you’re real
so is he
but life with you
is not like life with him would be
life with you is mundane
he is exciting
our real life is ordinary
my life with him would be a celebration
day in, day out
night life, sleeping all day
work, boring
partying all the time
our life is lived together in the real world
his life exists in the spotlight, he is never bored
the dirt on which we sleep is hard
the grass over there is soft and green
we fight
he is always happy
we’re poor
he is rich
you’re here
he’s there
it’s surreal


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#SoCS – A Lifetime of Balls

I woke up this morning to find a bag of balls on my front stoop. They were all the balls I’ve ever owned in my life. Ones I played catch with, with my dad; ones that went over fences never to be retrieved; ones that hung on the Christmas tree during the first year of my first marriage… Right up until the ball I was playing with yesterday – one of the three I was juggling at the kid’s birthday party. Yes, I’m a clown. The only one they missed is the ball on my nose. Of course, I sleep with that one.

The bag of balls is someone’s idea of a dirty trick, obviously. Probably someone I left in the sewer system…

AUTHOR’S NOTE: If I could edit this I’d leave a hint somewhere that shows earlier that my stream of consciousness ended up at a killer clown.


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